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Vit Nurse

January 15, 2012
What can I tell you about these two firecrackers, Yvonne and Julia, who have adopted me like a stray. These great gals are for sure my Augusta BFFs. Yvonne swims in the ocean every morning at 6am and is out and about with tennis and golf and spending time with her family. Turns out Yvonne is travelling to Sydney the same time I travel to Brisbane, so we are going to travel together part of the way. Yvonne’s cousin Julia is a published authoress, she just finished a book called ’75 Quid and an Axe’ about her father’s life taming the bush and living in this little town. Julia and her super cool hubby Geoff live on a farm in a bus. The bus is on the river (the one with the dolphins) and beside the farmhouse. But the bus suits them just fine. I will share details of J’s book when I can. Her book launch is February 5.
We’ve had some cultural divides to cross – we’ve all broken up with laughter over the different Aussie and Canadian expressions. At lunch the other day, they told me our waitress was a Vit Nurse. I had no idea there were vitamin nurses so I asked – but of course you can see the punchline – she was a Vet Nurse. I also thought Yvonne’s name was Eva and it wasn’t until I saw it written down that I realized my mistake.
The picture attached is a black boy – a uniquely Aussie tree with a politically incorrect name.


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  1. January 18, 2012 8:29 am

    Interesting tree but that name Hmmmm….Joyce

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